Refund And Cancellation Policy

We are appreciative of your preference for our software offerings. We work hard to deliver the greatest user experience and client contentment. We are aware, nonetheless, that there might be circumstances in which you must return an item or request a refund. The standards and procedures for such circumstances are outlined in this Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

1. Products and Services Based on Subscriptions
You are always free to stop using any subscription-based goods or services. You will be able to use the good or service after canceling till the conclusion of the current paying cycle. You won't be charged anything more. Please contact our customer support team or follow the steps found in your account settings to cancel your membership.
2. Products with Perpetual Licenses
Products with perpetual licenses are one-time purchases with no time limit. Perpetual license items are not subject to cancellation because they are not based on a subscription model. On the other hand, you can qualify for a refund as mentioned below.

Refund Guidelines

1. Qualification for a Refund
We provide a refund within a predetermined time frame in the event that:
a) Technical Issues: If you encounter serious technical issues or compatibility problems with our program that prevent its correct operation and our support team is unable to solve the problem within a reasonable time limit.
b) Dissatisfaction: If you have expressed your concerns to our support team and offered helpful input, and you are unhappy with the features or functionality of our program.
c) Prohibited Charges: Should you discover that a purchase you made on our website resulted in unlawful charges on your credit or debit card.
2. The Refund Procedure
In order to get a refund, please do the following:
a) Speak with Customer Service: Send a refund request to our customer service department, together with any pertinent information regarding your purchase, such as order number, date of purchase, and reason for the refund.

b) Evaluation: In accordance with the eligibility requirements , our support staff will assess your request.
c) Refund Decision: We shall begin the refund process within [6-7] business days if your request satisfies the qualifying requirements. The original payment method will be used to issue the refund. Please be aware that depending on your banking institution, it can take longer for the refund to show up on your account statement.
d) Software Deactivation: You must uninstall and deactivate the software after your refund is approved. Any additional access to or usage of the software could have legal repercussions.


For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us.