Voice Broadcasting

Handle a large number all at once. Start your campaign right away without establishing any technology. Offer a safe and high-quality broadcasting strategy on our dependable, secured network.

Easily manage countless voice promotions using our user-friendly web site. Utilize pre-made messaging layouts or use our text-to-speech feature to create unique marketing message.

Solutions for All Your Requirements in Voice Broadcasting

Send out important communications like notifications, promotions, and announcements with just one click. Increase the size and effectiveness of your campaign by using automated call retries, DNC checks, or on-demand scalability.

Our real-time dashboard and reports let you see the status of your active campaigns and analyze it. Link your clients up with a live agent. Plan to get campaign reports through email.

Get 24/7 customer help by phone, chat, or email. With cost-effective and customization options, ensure the highest return on investment.


Every Step of the Developing Your Voice Campaign


Text to Speech

Our text-to-speech system will read aloud any text you type while on the phone, just like a human would. You can also upload your own audio file as a replacement.

Automated Call Retries

Plan redials to clients who missed your call in order to maximize the reach of your campaign.

Promotional Strategy

You can quickly adapt your campaigns to suit different days, times, and contact lists depending on your company's needs.

Analytics and Reports

Analyzing daily call reports will help you make wiser decisions and monitor performance. These reports are all detailed and current.

Execute countless initiatives

Utilize the user-friendly web portal provided by Nature Softwares to manage and oversee several voice broadcasting campaigns at once.


BENEFITS: Invest Less While Gaining More


Zero Infrastructure Is Necessary

Use Nature Softwares online portal to replace complicated network arrangements. Our portal and an internet connection are all you need to get started.

Premium Calls Just When Accepted

By just investing for the calls that your customers accept, you can lower the cost of your advertising and your business.

Effective customer care

Get immediate support from our product experts by contacting us at any time, from any location.

Scalability without Limits

With our salable infrastructure and various pricing options, you may increase the reach of your campaign at any time.


Let’s look at how Voice Broadcasting is helpful for multiple sectors.



  • People should be informed about open admission
  • Inform students of essential information
  • Conduct polls and gather feedback



  • Send messages to patients for appointment 
  • Inform them about upcoming health campus
  • Update doctors of arriving emergencies



  • Promote seasonal offerings to people
  • Send booking reminders to people one day prior to their stay
  • Conduct surveys to customer’s experience


Political Campaigns

  • Update people and volunteers on important information
  • Conduct sample election polls or surveys
  • Broadcast campaign message to voters



  • Send calls to verify expensive orders.
  • Publicize future sales events Connect the broadcast to the business's IVR
  • Broadcasting upcoming sales offers



  • Inform people about loans and various promotional schemes
  • Send verification calls for suspicious activities
  • Provide protection with OTP numbers

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